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15th September, 2008. 11:36 am.(susiev)

I won a seat into the 2008 Aruba Poker Classic. Unfortunately I won't be able to go so I would like to sell this seat to another poker player.

Here is the information about the event: http://www.arubaclassic.com/

It takes place from September 27th to October 4th.

You will receive an entry into the tournament worth $5500. I would like to sell this for $3500 (negotiable). First prize in the tournament is guaranteed to be one million dollars!

Aruba is fabulous. We've been twice and the beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

I have poker accounts on Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, and PartyPoker so I would be willing to accept funds transferred on any of those sites, or Paypal if that is preferred.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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28th December, 2006. 2:24 am.(rdtvision)

Just a heads up if you happen to be near Oklahoma ... Winstar Casino in Thackerville will have a $500. splash pot, regardless of game size, every 30 minutes from 1pm today till 1pm tomorrow (Friday).

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30th March, 2006. 8:50 am.(gagdoll)

13k this year and its march.

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26th February, 2006. 10:09 pm. ZeeJustin Caught Multi-Accounting on Partypoker MTTs(tiedup14)

Hey all, just thought you might be interested in knowing this:


Interesting-- you figure someone with the skill to make money playing online poker legitimately wouldnt need to resort to cheating. What do you guys think?

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1st January, 2006. 7:57 pm.(tall_man)

I found a BlogSpot blog that might be of some interest to the members of this community here; it seems to be mostly about the computational safety of online poker (ie, why it's not rigged). Good answers for the "P4r7yp0ker is teh riggz0r!" crowd.

Anyone want to (know how to?) syndicate it as an RSS feed?

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23rd September, 2005. 12:31 am. A little something different...yet totally on topic!(jenni_powell)

Anyone read Poker Face: a Girlhood Among Gamblers by Katy Lederer? It's an autobiography written by the younger sister of Howard Lederer and Annie Duke, two of my favorite professional poker players. Katy is also a published poet so her writing is very image-heavy and I just love it. I thought I'd share a quote:

"He fell in love with the game of poker--not just with the cards, but with the money and the banter nd the drugs. He loved the way the last card came, the surprise of it, the exhilaration that coursed through his body when he took a pot. They came only three, maybe four times an hour, but when they did, he'd pull the chips in with the enthusiasm of a child presented with a new toy."

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1st September, 2005. 3:02 pm. Customized Cards?(jenni_powell)

Here's a random question for everyone: anyone know a good place for ordering customized playing cards? We have a client with the company I work for who is putting together a poker tournament and they want custom cards made for the event. They want all-plastic cards for the durability, so I of course went straight to Kem Cards but their website is currently down and I wondered about other options. Any ideas?

PS My work doesn't normally involve poker, so this is kind of a neat project for me!

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17th August, 2005. 8:30 pm. Worst hands to call raises with? (Best hands besides the obvious?)(ugatraci)

What do you think the worst hands with which to call raises are?

I mean, obviously 7-2o is probably the textbook worst hand to call anything with, but I am talking about hands with which you would possibly consider raising yourself had everyone ahead of you limped or folded. Hands that you would definitely limp with at least. Those ones where someone ahead of you makes a minimum raise and you hear yourself saying (almost too quickly) in your head, "Easy call, this is a good hand."

My opinion...Collapse )

x-posted to poker.

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12th August, 2005. 12:12 pm. Five Card Draw(patty_bush)

I've started playing five card draw on PokerRoom. I have yet to get my feet wet with real money as I've only been playing regularly for a couple of months now.

I'm tempted to start with 5 card draw instead of Hold'em though. The limit games on PR are really easy. It's not uncommon for me to be +30BB/hour. I'm just wondering if the lowest limit real money tables of 5CD are significantly harder to beat as apposed to the highest limit play tables.

Anyone have experience with this? Also what limits are spread?

One other question - other than Caro's chapter in Super System, what other resources are available for improving my play. One thing I'd like to find is odds since it's hard to calculate pot odds when you don't even know the odds of hitting your hand.

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22nd July, 2005. 9:50 am. Percentage of winning players(spicole)

I'm not sure if it registered on the radar of the readers here, but I actually read Jackpot Jay's column on ESPN.com for the entire year. I think he caught a lot of flack throughout the year for his play and his writing, but I enjoyed reading it. His 3-part series on dealing with a downswing helped to give me some perspective and get me out of a downswing of my own.

In his last column, he talked a little bit about how few players are lifetime winners. He talked to two people involved in online poker site management, and they said that "only 8 and 7 percent, respectively, of all players on their sites finish the year in the black". The previous "estimates" of lifetime winners I have read all mentioned that only 10% of players are winners. While the 7 to 8 percent numbers aren't shocking, they certainly caught my eye.

Are there any other studies or reports out there that support - or refute - this? Any thought on the impact of it to the poker industry as the bubble bursts?

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